The book on Alfred Peet

He became known as ‘the godfather of quality coffee’ in the US: Alfred Peet. Born in the small Dutch town of Alkmaar he travelled the world before he settled in San Francisco. There he became famous with his shop Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Berkeley.

On June 19 the book ‘The Coffee Visionary. The Life and Legacy of Alfred Peet’ will be published, written by Dutch author Jasper Houtman. For the first time it is possible to read the remarkable story of Alfred Peet.

The book is based on the the Dutch version ‘De man die de wereld koffie leerde drinken’ published in March 2016.

Alfred Peet roasted small batches of coffee in his shop. People were lining up to buy the ‘dark roast’ he sold. The fans called themselves Peetniks.

The three founders of Starbucks came to his shop to learn from him, and with his support they started their own coffee business in Seattle. Other coffee entrepreneurs came to Berkeley to learn from the ‘godfather’ of specialty coffee.

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